Welcome to Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Association,Ahmednagar

          AESA is an organization which was formed 33 Years ago comprising practicing community of architects, engineers and surveyors especially in the field of residential, construction,  industry and resolution of Technical Issues Faced By Individual Practitioner in Ahmednagar council area.

           In particular, AESA was formed in 1986 and is currently the only organization in Ahmednagar that brings together the influential stalwarts from architectural and civil engineering community. The notable members of the organization are the major players in the growth and development of the city and are the key decision makers working hard to build a culturally and ethically strong society.

           AESA is keen on addressing the new advancements in the field of designs, researches, new knowledge, methods and spreading awareness about the field thereby increasing members of the organization and promoting involvement in healthy atmosphere. Our primary focus, be it of the old member sor the new ones, is to bring the stakeholders under one umbrella and build a community to connect, share experience, learn and so much more.

            In 1985 our civil industry was in a very turbulent state and found it hard to survive and taking into consideration all the senior members of the community took matters in their own hands and began a phase of setting up one unit of practice as an individual.

           The era of new concepts and technologies was at its peak and numerous talented individuals were migrating to metro cities for higher paying job and a better lifestyle. Few architects, engineers and surveyors settled in the city and were given the task of building up the region, commercial and residential colonies. This initiated the formation of AESA with the help of few visionaries and lovers of design  and engineering. These individuals came together owing to their passion and started the platform with the aim to share and address the various aspects of construction in the area as well as the development in the research field in the dynamic industry of Civil and thus AESA came into existence.

             Our Founders (Name) 1) Er. Ashok Kale

                                                 2) Er. Dilip Karnawat

             were clear about the principles and philosophy of AESA which was formed and worked hard to accumulate and access individuals personally. They were clear about every individuals’ role and growth as part of the community as well as personally. Interested in changing the contractor based civil industry into pool of technocrats and designers, the founders focused on pioneering improvement of engineering , architecture and the further practice to make the city on par with its counterparts.