About Backup

Our History

AESA was started with the common interest of people who were practicing as Architects, Engineers & Surveyors. In the decade of 80’s Industrial growth started in Ahmednagar. Lot of people required shelters at that time. Newly presented by laws for ‘A’ class municipal council are implomented for the municipal council, people practicing as a professional doesn’t have any sort of interaction in between them. For me purpose upgrading the knowledge in Engineering & Arichitecture senior member Av. Ashok Kale, Er. Deshmukh, Er Rassum, Ar. Late Mutiyan, S.U Khan, and many more decided to form community. After forming community, senior members Er. Rassam & Ar. Ashok Kale sugessted to form Association & got registered it with cenrity commision in 1986. After words the name associated form in 1987 called AESA (ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS & SURVEYORS ASSOCIATION).

Working of the Commeettee

The committee shall meet at least once in a month, and due notice in writing of such meeting shall be issued under the signature of the secretary or chairman to all members of the committee. The committee shall meet at least once in a month, and due notice in writing of such meeting shall be issued under the signature of the secretary or chairman to all members of the committee.


All the members otherwise eligible to vote shall entitled to vote at the election of the chairman. A peron elected shall hold the office of Chairman till the next Annual General Meeting. The Present Chairman shall be eligile for re- election. Nomination for the post of President shall be duly proposed and seconded and shall be delivered to the Committee at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. In the event of there being two or more nominations, the secretary of the Committee shall circulate the nomination to the members entitled to vote and the President shaLL be elected buy the majority of votes at the Annual General Meeting.

Object of the Society

The Object for which the Association is Incepted are as under-

1. To run institution for the diffusion of knowledge in Architectural and Engineering and allied Engineering subject.

2. To established course of behavior of practices for the guidance of members and generally for controlling the relation the relation between members of the Association and their clients.

3. To seek affiliation with the institute of Architect and/ or Engineers and other bodies having objects similar to those of the Association.

4. To make representation to Civil Bodies, Government or Semi-Government Authorities or other connection with matters of interest to the member of the Association and to seek redress of their grievances.

5. To arrive for the welfare of benefitiaries of the Association and for the said purpose to propagate the knowledge of environmental and structural arts, science and technique and to impress upon public as the importance thereof, as also to make representation to various governmental, local or other bodies or authorities for the reformation of profession in general and the members of Association in particular.

6. To collect donation, subscription, to obtain grants from governmental or semi-governmental authorities or private bodies for purpose of Association.

7. To publish periodicals, pamphlets, brouchers, books in Architectural, Engineering or allied subjects as also to give contribution or financial assistance for benefit of Association.

8. To organize, lectures, symposiums, conferences, exhibition and other special organization for furtherance or diffusion of knowledge and information relation to architectural, scientific and engineering subjects, as also for imparting knowledge and information relating to modern aesthetical living, as also for interior decoration.